Panasonic - Replacement Hub- White KXHNB600. Communicates with all Panasonic Home monitoring equipment.




  • Hub Unit controls Panasonic Home Monitoring System
  • Syncs with system handsets, cameras, sensors and smart plugs
  • Sends system alerts to your smartphone/tablet
  • Records video from system cameras to MicroSD card
  • Secure, long-range signal -- up to 1,000 feet

Hub Unit for Home  Monitoring System

The wireless Hub Unit is the heart of the Panasonic Home Monitoring System. Follow the initial set-up process to connect the hub unit to your home WiFi router* for a clear signal throughout the home. Then pair system components such as interior and exterior cameras, a baby monitor, motion sensors, window/door sensors, smart plugs and a cordless handset to create your personalized system. 

  • *WiFi router not included.
  • **System kits and components sold separately.

Easy DIY Set-Up

Powerful and compact, the hub unit can be placed inside the home and is expandable to include up to six cordless handsets, four cameras, 50 sensors and eight smartphones and tablets. Plus, record real-time audio and video from indoor or outdoor cameras to a high-capacity MicroSD* card for easy viewing on your PC or laptop. 

Secure, Long-Range Signal

The hub unit is designed with advanced DECT technology to maintain a clear, uninterrupted and long-range signal throughout the system and ensure clear, reliable alerts from the individual components that comprise your system. The system provides remote, real-time monitoring with your smartphone or tablet from inside the home, at work, or on the road. 

Panasonic Home Monitoring System

The Panasonic Home Monitoring System takes advantage of the DECT technology that allows the product to maintain a clear, long-range signal throughout your home. You can easily configure, install and control the system yourself. Plus, there's never a monthly fee to pay. 

  • *System kits and components sold separately.
Frequency RangeDECT: 1.92 GHz–1.93 GHzWi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.412 GHz–2.462 GHz
SD Card Slot for Recording VideoYes (microSD max 2 GB / microSDHC max 32 GB)
Status Indication LED (red / yellow / green)
Easy SetupOne Push Pairing Button (Handset, Camera, Other Device)Wi-Fi setup button
Phone Features Landline Telephone Function, Smartphone Connect, Answering System, Call Block
ExpandabilityDigital cordless handset (KX-HNH100): Up to 6Camera (KX-HNC600/HNC200): Up to 4Sensor/Smart Plug (KX-HNS101/HNS102/HNA101): Up to 50Smartphone/tablet: Up to 8
Alert Tone Volume Steps6setps + OFF
Sensor Detect Notification (Window Sensor/Motion sensor/Motion sensor in Camera)Via Landline Call Via Home Network System Application Hub Buzzer Digital Cordless Handset (alert, announcement)
Operating Conditions0 °C – 40 °C (32 °F – 104 °F)20% – 80% relative air humidity (dry)
Wall MountableYes
Weight (lb) Approx. 0.49 lb
Dimensions (W x H x D in) Approx. 5 1/8 x 5 1/8 x 1 21/32

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