Dish Pro Plus Separator (123254). Splitter. 

For dual tuner receivers compatible with Dish Pro Plus technology: Dish Pro Plus Twin or Quad lnbf, Dish Pro Plus 33 switch and 44 switch DPP34, DPP44. 

No need to run second wires to dual tuner receivers like: models 322-222-612-622-522-625-721-722-921-942. Makes installation a snap. 

Feed Bell ExpressVu 9200-9241-9242 receivers with a single RG6 coaxial cable line coming from a DPP34 or DPP44 switch, and a DishPro Twin or Quad LNBF. 


DiSEqC passing. 

DC passing. 

950-2150 MHz. 


The DP Plus Separator was specially-designed to separate the single cable’s 950-1450 MHz. band and the 1650-2150 MHz. band, for the single cable to two tuner “bandtranslating” technology. It does not work with regular DP Dish Pro equipment. It must be DPP Dish Pro Plus equipment. 


With all DISH Pro installations: Cable and components between the LNBFs, switches, DP Plus Separator and receivers must be rated to 2150 MHZ. and pass DiSEqC. 

Do not install the DP Plus Separator between diplexers. 

DISH Pro approved splitters, diplexers, etc., cannot be substituted for a DISH Pro Plus Separator. 

Cannot be used to connect two single tuner receivers. 

Cannot be used with DISH Pro LNBFs or Switches to provide the single cable benefit. 

Can only be used with DISH Pro Plus receivers and dishes. DISH Pro Plus receivers have a DISH Pro Plus logo. 

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