Product Concept

The living room sofa isnt the only place to relax.

Everyone has their favorite spot:

By the window enjoying the evening breeze, in an

secret attic room, – perhaps even on the stairs.

The concept of the LSX-70 is to create a pleasant

and calming atmosphere wherever you happen to be.

The cylindrical LSX-70 is 9.4cm in diameter and easy

to handle due to the textured synthetic leather finish.

Two speakers located at the top and bottom of the

unit are designed to produce 360-degree

non-directional sound.

Tuning is linked to volume for perfectly balanced

audio whether listening quietly on your own or with

the music turned up.

Take the LSX-70 and find your favorite spot.


Rechargeble battery

A rechargeable battery provides for maximum portability. Just unplug from the wall outlet and take the unit with you.

Leather grip

In using artificial leather for the surface of the unit,

our aim was to blend interior with nature.

Choose from three richly textured colors.

Smart Timer, Remote Control by App

The DTA Controller app lets you control basic and advanced functions for a richer experience.

[ Remote Control ] Turn lights on or off and adjust intensity across a range of ten brightness levels, as well as control volume.

[ Smart Timer ] Set timers to turn audio and lights on or off at different times, even on specific days of the week.

[ Music Player ] Select and play music right from your smartphone or tablet.



DTA CONTROLLER enhances capability of select Yamaha Desktop Audio system.

Key Features

(1) Alarm Settings: select different times and sources for each day of a week

(2) IntelliAlarm Customization: adjust fade-in, time and volume settings for IntelliAlarm, Yamaha's special alarm that provides a more comfortable wake-up experience.

(3) Syncs your smartphone / tablet clock time to the Yamaha audio system.

(4) Remote Control : control audio system with this App via bluetooth connection.


Remote Control]

You can Control audio with this app, just like a remote controller.


Adjust the Equalizer on the system. 3 Band EQ is adjustable at your preference.

Set the Alarm

[Weekly Alarm]

Select different times and sources for each day of a week.


Adjust fade-in, time and volume settings for our best comfort.

Set the Timer

Set timers to turn audio and lights on or off at different times, even on specific days of the week.

Music playing

Stream music from your Smartphone. This music player also works standalone.

Compatible Models

TSX-B235, TSX-B235D, TSX-B232, TSX-B141

ISX-803, ISX-803D, ISX-B820

LSX-700, LSX-170, LSX-70


System Requirements

- iOS version 5.0 or higher

- Android version 4.4 or higher

Privacy Policy

* This application will never collect nor externally transfer personal data stored in your smartphone / tablet.

* This application performs following functions for purposes described below.

Making a connection under Bluetooth-enabled environment

The application uses Bluetooth function on your smartphone / tablet for the purpose of controlling Bluetooth-enabled devices.

ColoursBlack, Champagne Gold, Bronze
Weight0.95 kg / 2.1Ibs
Dimensions (W x H x D)94 x 241 x 94 mm; 3-3/4” x 9-1/2” x 3-3/4”
Battery LifeAbout 8 hours (Light OFF condition)
Speaker Unit5.5 cm full-range x 1, 4 cm full-range x 1
Input Terminal3.5mm STEREO mini Jack
Maximum Communication Range10 m / 38 ft. 10in. (without interference)
Audio CodecSBC, AAC, aptX®
Version/ProfileVer. 2.1 + EDR / A2DP

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